If you already have a website Lincoln Web Enterprises can host it for you at a very competitive rate. You DO NOT have to host your website with the web designer who created it, and  we may be able to save you money every year on your hosting.

Our basic hosting package includes:

  • Your site will be visible 24/7 to all visitors
  • Email Hosting - unlimited addresses: Your email addresses will be looked after by us and we will happily create new email addresses for you on the domains (addresses) you own
  • Built-in stats available 24/7
  • Control panel access if you wish to maintain your own hosting
  • FTP access

£50 per year

Optional Care package:

  • If you don't feel confident updating you site, we will update your site with minor changes. Just send us your text or pictures and we publish them for you. Let us deal with the hassle and leave you to get on with what you do best.
£50 per year

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