FREE website

Wordpress and Joomla! are the two most popular website platforms, and both are public domain, i.e. FREE! There are also thousands of online articles and videos showing just how to build an excellent website with either technology. So, if you feel confident enough to have a go, let us set it up for you! All you need is the hosting account, which costs just £50 per year, and a domain name. If you already have a domain name it can be connected to your new site, or we can buy one for you.

What you get:

* A hosting account for your website, connected to your domain.

* Up to 5 email addresses, with webmail access if required

* The latest version of Wordpress or Joomla! installed and connected to the theme/template of your choice. 

* Administrator user name and password, which will be emailed to you. The password can be changed after first login.

Once the host and the domain are set up and the Wordpress or Joomla installation is completed, all you need to do is configure your theme using your own text, images, logos, colours etc. If you need configuration assistance we can provide it at £30 per hour.